Comfortable living in every part of the world includes having an air conditioning and heating system for both the home and the workplace. If you own a property in Timberwood Park or the surrounding community, you can rely on Apache Air and Heat for all your HVAC needs. As a family owned company with a reputation for excellence, Apache prioritizes customer service and satisfaction throughout every step of the repair process.

Our commercial AC services in Timberwood Park include the installation of both package and roof top units. Additionally, our state licensed professional technicians can aid with troubleshooting a variety of problems that can arise. You can discuss your non-industrial commercial needs and arrange to have the experts at Apache assist in improving the comfort of your business’ buildings.

Our residential services also include the installation and repair of various HVAC systems. Our competitive rates also apply to the maintenance and upgrades you may need for your system.

Throughout the year, you can depend on us for exceptional service. In fact, you can even obtain a second opinion on your HVAC problems for free. You can depend on Apache for no strings attached assessments and suggestions. No matter what the make and model of your current unit, we can perform a tune-up and all appropriate retrofits to ensure that the HVAC system is operating at maximum possible efficiency.

Regular service and maintenance will ensure that you get the most possible value from your existing unit. However, if your current unit is beyond repair or you simply wish to purchase a better model, Apache Air and Heat performs new installations with fair pricing and efficient service. Our entire staff is well trained and will be able to use their education and experience to make sure you are satisfied with our installation jobs for years to come.

Another high quality service provided by Apache is air purification. For homes and offices, this can be an incredibly important concern for the health of the people and animals that are there every day. Microscopic organisms in the air can create a serious health hazard if they are allowed to breed and grow in extremes.

There are many viruses and bacteria circulating around, from the common cold to other, more ominous threats. Additionally, mold is a danger if it finds a damp spot to breed and allergens left unchecked can wreak havoc during certain seasons. On top of that, odors, dust and pet dander lurk in unpurified air.

Talk to one of our representatives about the ideal solution to keep your air clean and fresh so you and your family can avoid these unpleasant contaminants. While you are speaking with them, you also want to inquire about the maintenance plan. The program schedules two maintenance appointments for you each year to ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency.

If you have served in the armed forces, are an emergency first responder or a senior citizen, you will receive a discount on your HVAC service needs as our way of showing appreciation and respect.

Contact our Timberwood Park offices today so that we can begin assisting you with your air conditioning and heating unit needs.