There is more to air duct than just the look!

At Apache Air & Heat, we know the technical side of ductwork to make it perform as it should!  Without the proper ducting, an AC system can severely underperform and even shorten its life span.

Consider draining a swimming pool with a simple garden hose and you begin to get the picture of how poorly designed duct work can delay or hurt the cooling or heating of your home.

At Apache, our experts understand and take into account things like air volume, air velocity, static pressure and more when it comes to calculating duct size, duct layout and duct type.

Whether it is a simple tear out and re duct, or a brand new installation, Apache Air & Heat duct experts can help you get the most bang for your buck.

We perform these types of duct work Apache Air & Heat:

  • Spiral, metal duct (common in commercial, warehouse, restaurants, homes)
  • Flex duct (new construction, commercial and residential)
  • Duct board (new construction and residential homes)
  • Square metal duct (commercial and industrial)
  • Custom duct work using under slab ducting, or specialized chases with custom duct terminations (unique theme based businesses, custom homes, commercial)

Call us today to assist you with an estimate to replace or install new duct work to make your AC perform at its best!