Apache Air & Heat is the Premier Choice for Air Installation

Many have heard of the nightmare situation where a customer was offered an incredibly low price and got the AC install of their dreams…or so they thought.  Problems can begin soon after a poor quality install.  Did you know that not getting all the air and moisture out of the copper lines before introducing the refrigerant can lead to acid build up and premature death of your compressor? 

Most experts in our industry agree that the quality of the installation is as important as the particular brand you choose.  There are many important techniques that must be employed in order to get a high quality install that will last.  We specialize in using the latest products and instruments to ensure our installation is top notch. 

As well, we seek to provide expertise in Air Conditioning and Heater brand selection, sizing, location, thermostat choices and Air quality products to help keep the air you breathe as clean as possible.  Call us today for an estimate on a new AC and Heating System.