An efficient air conditioning & heating system is essential for comfortable living, whether it is in your home or office. Anyone residing in Canyon Lake or the suburbs could rely on Apache Air and Heat for all their HVAC requirements. We are a family owned and operated company with a great reputation for excellence in the area. We guarantee customer service and satisfaction at all times when dealing with your HVAC systems.

Our commercial service includes the installation of all types of HVAC packages and roof top units. Also, our state-licensed technicians could help with troubleshooting a variety of other HVAC issues. All your non-industrial commercial requirements would be handled by the experts at Apache who will assist in improving the overall comfort of your commercial establishments.

Apache offers residential HVAC services too. We install and repair any type of residential HVAC system. Our competitive rates offered for maintenance and upgrades of your systems are unmatched anywhere else in Bulverde. You could depend on our experts throughout the year for an exceptional service. In fact, we offer a free consultation for all our first-time consumers. Our service has no strings attached or hidden charges for suggestions and assessments.

The make and model of your HVAC unit is not an issue for our expert technicians. They will tune-up the unit to increase its efficiency in the long run. Regular maintenance and service will definitely guarantee the longevity of your existing unit. However, if the current unit in your home or office is beyond repairs and you need a new unit installed, our expert staff will ensure an efficient service at an affordable price. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in installing even the latest HVAC units. You will be satisfied with their work for years to come.

Air purification is another important service provided by Apache. Air purification is extremely important to improve the health and wellbeing of the individuals living in your home or office. There are microscopic organisms in the air that can create serious health hazards in the long run. Millions of viruses and bacteria are circulating around your home and office spaces. They are responsible for making you sick. Mold is another problem that should be taken care of immediately. If not, it will breed in damp spots and wreak havoc during certain seasons. Dust mites, odors, and pet dander are prevalent in unpurified indoor air.

Make sure you talk to one of our representatives about the best solution for keeping your indoor air purified and cleaned at all times. This way, your loved ones can be healthy at all times. Inquire about our maintenance plan while you speak to one of our expert staff. Our plan offers two maintenance visits each year to ensure that your system runs at peak efficiency throughout the year.

All personnel who have served or serving in the armed forces, senior citizens, and first-time consumers will receive a discount on your HVAC service requirements. This is our way of showing respect and appreciation. Contact our experts in Canyon Lake right now so that we can assist you with all your AC and heating requirements.